Now is the time to teach your little one to fish!

Get your little ones stoked on fishing with the PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Kit! It takes only takes one fun experience with a rod in their hand to inspire lifelong anglers!

Fishing is such a fabulous family activity. It is one of those hobbies generations can pass down and enjoy together for years and years to come. 



One of the best features of this rod is the fact that it is right/left interchangeable!!! Rejoice lefties of the world! This one’s for you! Now your little left-handed angler can crank up that bass without feeling awkward!

This rod is 3.94 feet long, weighing 2.2 ounces. Its telescopic design makes it easy for a child to tote around and easy to store. Equipped with a stocked tackle box, this setup will for sure lead to success on the water!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up the car with a Plusinno Kids fishing kit and snacks, and head to the dock!

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