Get your kiddo fishing today with these top 3 setups!

This picture is the goal:

A young fisherwomen enthralled with a tackle box of treasure in front of her! Teaching the magic of fishing and instilling it into our children’s minds takes time, and proper planning to be successful. It is discouraging when nothing is caught, or you show up to a fishing spot only to discover that your new children’s rod didn’t come with its own line. We all have those horror stories! My first time fishing we were trailing the line off of our sailboat. Well… the line wasn’t attached to the spool and in no time disappeared behind us. That was the quick ending of my first fishing experience!

Thankfully, I gave it another chance after that disappointment!

Oh… and might I mention, that before we even got on the boat my mother shut the car window on my new fishing pole and snapped a foot of the rod right off! Therefore, I can speak from first hand experience that these telescopic rods are the way to go!

Check out our list of favorites and get your kid hooked on fishing ASAP!

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