Reel of choice: Shimano Saragosa 25000F

With many different types of fish in so many various habitats, fishing can become very specialized. For example, when fishing off of a boat in deeper waters, you will be targeting bigger fish. The larger the fish the stronger and bigger the reel needs to be.

Every kind of sea fishing has a unique reel. We are going to do a series of reviews comparing some of the deep sea fishing reels that we have had the best luck with!

Up first, we have the Shimano Saragosa 25000F Saltwater Offshore Spinning Reel. Made for saltwater you will be sure to tackle some of the toughest species with this powerful reel. Our favorite feature is the X-ship technology. With improved gear durability, this reel eliminates friction between the spool and the shaft. This means enhanced casting performance and longer casts!


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