Gone Fishing — The Happy Wonderer ~ ellen b.

We had a ‘reel’ good time at JJ’s 2nd birthday Fishing party. I’ll be working on posting about it after Friday. Wednesday through Friday my time is not my own and I’ll be busy shopping and in the kitchen at our church for a conference. I’ll be back to visiting blogs and posting after Friday. […]

Gone Fishing — The Happy Wonderer ~ ellen b.

Outdoor Activity Idea: Host Your Own Family Fishing Tournament — rocky mountain tot

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission waived all fishing license and trout permit requirements for residents and nonresidents Saturday, March 21 through Sunday, March 29, 2020. (read more about this announcement) free fishing week That means it is free to fish this week. Fishing is probably one of the easiest activities to do from a […]

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Get your kiddo fishing today with these top 3 setups!

This picture is the goal:

A young fisherwomen enthralled with a tackle box of treasure in front of her! Teaching the magic of fishing and instilling it into our children’s minds takes time, and proper planning to be successful. It is discouraging when nothing is caught, or you show up to a fishing spot only to discover that your new children’s rod didn’t come with its own line. We all have those horror stories! My first time fishing we were trailing the line off of our sailboat. Well… the line wasn’t attached to the spool and in no time disappeared behind us. That was the quick ending of my first fishing experience!

Thankfully, I gave it another chance after that disappointment!

Oh… and might I mention, that before we even got on the boat my mother shut the car window on my new fishing pole and snapped a foot of the rod right off! Therefore, I can speak from first hand experience that these telescopic rods are the way to go!

Check out our list of favorites and get your kid hooked on fishing ASAP!

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Check out this compact rod for beginners!

Some outdoor activities require gear that costs more money than you would like to spend to find out if you even like the activity or not. You know the feeling? The cool thing about fishing is that there are very cost effective ways to get your feet wet (pun intended). Meet the EBIYO Fishing Pole: This super compact combo is one of those fabulous options!

We love how compact this rod is, making it not only convenient for the tiny members of the family, but also an awesome accessory to have while camping, backpacking, or in the emergency entertainment bucket in the car!

Measuring four feet, six inches in length, the rod features six adjustable sections that collapse to just 13.7 inches. The rod’s fiberglass, ABS and silicone construction keep it lightweight, coming in at 4.7 ounces. When not in use, your child can keep their rod in the included sleek black carry case. Made from quality fabric, it features convenient handles and a side pocket perfect for storing tackle, line and other fishing gear. The package also includes an easy-to-use spincast reel, fishing line and a plastic cap that fits over the rod to protect the guide rings in transit. 

You’ll be sure to feel fly while casting with this sleek rod!

It’s about time the kids start bringing home dinner!!!

Now is the time to teach your little one to fish!

Get your little ones stoked on fishing with the PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Kit! It takes only takes one fun experience with a rod in their hand to inspire lifelong anglers!

Fishing is such a fabulous family activity. It is one of those hobbies generations can pass down and enjoy together for years and years to come. 



One of the best features of this rod is the fact that it is right/left interchangeable!!! Rejoice lefties of the world! This one’s for you! Now your little left-handed angler can crank up that bass without feeling awkward!

This rod is 3.94 feet long, weighing 2.2 ounces. Its telescopic design makes it easy for a child to tote around and easy to store. Equipped with a stocked tackle box, this setup will for sure lead to success on the water!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up the car with a Plusinno Kids fishing kit and snacks, and head to the dock!

Review of our favorite kids’ fishing set!

Lanaak Kids Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Kit with Tackle Box
Lanaak Kids Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Kit with Tackle Box

All it takes is the right fishing set to turn your kiddo into a stoked angler! The Lanaak Kids Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Kit with Tackle Box is a super exciting gift for really all ages! The rod extends to 65″ making it super functional even for adults! The monofilament line on the spool and the reel drag held up to this fat 19” trout with no problem.

What is super fun about this kit is that it comes with a loaded tackle box! You will get 2 floating bobbers; 10 hooks; 10 split sinkers; 10 swivels; 2 jig heads; 6 plastic worms; and 1 crankbait lure. It even comes with a little bait net! It is endless fun catching your own minnows and crickets to fish with!

Lanaak Kids Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Kit with Tackle Box
Lanaak Kids Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Kit with Tackle Box