A key piece of gear for surf fishing at night: Headlamps

Surf fishing at night is one of the best forms of fishing. The peaceful calm for the evening sky, the cool breeze. It’s just you, the ocean, and the fish that lay beneath waiting to be hooked! Surf fishing is often done at night because the nocturnal feeding habits of many target species. Predator fish found in the surf tend to come closer to the shoreline to feed in the dark hours. This means, you have a better chance of catching a bigger fish! With less disturbance from swimmers and surfers, you’re more likely to hook the trophy fish of your dreams!

Something that one does not usually consider when getting into surf fishing at night is the need for light. Headlamps are a vital accessory. 

They allow you to be hands free while you reel in your catch. Not to mention, we’re talking about swinging sharp hooks in the air, it is important to be able to see what’s in front of your face!

Go Fishing Magazine took a look at three really awesome headlamps to set you up for success during your evening angling. What we love about all of these is that they have rechargeable battery systems!


1. Lupine Lighting Systems BLIKA RX4 Bluetooth 2100 Lumen LED Headlamp System

What is wild about the Lupine Blika is that it is Bluetooth! This means a fully adjustable spotlight up to a major 2100 Lumens! This is a great piece of gear for nighttime adventurers. With a run time of 80 hours, you won’t be the person calling the night short because your headlamp battery wore out. This is a really cool tech-savvy headlamp.

2. Fenix HM65R 1400 Lumens Tri-Proof Magnesium Headlamp

We like this headlamp for its comfort. It stays where it is supposed to, truly a great accessory for runners too! But picture this, you’re reeling in the biggest fish of your life and your headlamp starts slipping down your face… you can’t see what’s happening, its chaos! Or you have this sucker right where it is supposed to be! This lamp takes rechargebale batteries and gets an A+ for its waterproof factor. Your light will stay on even when it’s pouring cats and dogs!

3. DLDLGJ 3800LM LED Headlight

This headlight has a great sweat-proof headband, offering some temperature control and enhancing comfort. It is waterproof, and doesn’t falter in various weather conditions ranging from extreme heat to cold and dusty, or likely in your case, sandy, environments! It uses rechargeable batteries and is ultra reliable.

Sea-Band Saves the Day!

Seasickness can occur in calm weather conditions. If you are planning on attending a fishing charter and have not spent that much time on boats, having a pack of these is not a bad idea. Generally, during excursions, the boats are unable to return to the dock to drop off seasick passengers. This is definitely one of those better safe than sorry situations!

Recently a friend of Go Fishing Magazine was explaining how he couldn’t bring his wife on fishing trips because she gets motion sickness on boats. He wants to buy a 17′ Boston Whaler, but the wife is obviously not into the idea because of how nauseous she feels out on the water. This is when Sea-Band swoops in to save the day! She has used it three times now and feels significantly more comfortable. She said it works most effectively with a band on each wrist!

It is such a basic product and for a little over 6 bucks for one, it’s is absolutely worth seeing if it works for you or your loved one. Afterall, fishing is supposed to be fun!

The way it works is that by applying pressure to the P6 (Nei Kuan) acupressure point, it relieves nausea and vomiting. Each wrist has this pressure point.

“Acupressure was found to reduce the incidence of  nausea from 53% to 23%.” (Sea-Band)

The ancient technique of acupressure is known to make some people feel more cheerful and motivated. It is typically calming and beneficial to your wellbeing. 

Sea-Band is a natural way to make boating better for those of us without sea legs! Give it a try and let Go Fishing Mag know what you think!


Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Whether you are on a boat or spearfishing, there is about an equal chance your technology will get wet. Avoid this error by investing in a Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Digital Camera!

This is the adventurers camera of choice! Its rugged design is meant to be used outdoors. Canon boasts that this camera has the deepest waterproof performance for compact-type digital cameras. These are the seven features that sold us on this stellar camera:

Built in GPS: The camera will automatically record your location. But there’s more! It can map your route from picture to picture and can your pictures on a map!

Waterproof to 25m / 82′: Say no more! This camera goes deep!

Shockproof to 2m / 6.5′: Withstanding drops from 6.5′ this camera is made tough!

Temperature resistant from 14° to 104°F: Don’t worry about your camera baking in the sun. It can handle it!

32 predefined shooting situations in Smart AUTO mode: Simply put, this is one sophisticated little camera.

Sunlight LCD mode! You can actually see your pictures in those ultra bright situations! Reducing glare, you can be sure to get the image you want.

Capture full HD 1080p video! Crisp and clear at 24 frames per second.

Don’t miss out on creating lasting memories of your epic fishing trip. This camera will be your best sidekick, ready to capture all the action!

Send Go Fishing Magazine your best trophy shots for a chance to be featured!



Be Basic: Get a Burlap Bag

The burlap bag is simply the best for keeping fish fresh! #oldschool

Gunny sacks are the way to go! When fishing in the summer, with no ice (because lugging around ice sucks…), burlap bags create a natural cooling system. Pop the fish’s gills and let them bleed out right away. From here put the fish in the sack, get the sack nice and wet, store it in the shade, and keep fishing happily knowing your catch isn’t going to be spoiled. The evaporation of the water from the bag cools the fish. If the bag dries out, simple re-dip the bag! The old cowboy blanket canteens work the same way!

Numerous anglers tell stories of their family’s fishing history, detailing the use of burlap bags for keeping fish cool for over 50 years! 

Stringers, mesh baskets, and livewells do not compare! This is a true case of simple is best. Fish kept on stringers are known for getting slimy. Fish on stringers and livewells also get water-logged. Their skin gets soft and their bellies are all full of water. Gross. Fish kept in a keep sack do not do this. They stay as dry and fresh as fish on ice!

Having a nice cooler is cool, however, you can do just as good of a job with a lot less effort and money! Go back to the basics and try using a burlap sack as your gunny bag next fishing trip!

The boat shoe of choice

Calling all fishermen and fisherwomen! We have the shoe for you! Check out these Columbia Bahama Vent Relaxed PFG Boat Shoes:

I grew up in Connecticut, the land of boat shoes! I can even remember my first pair, the Sperry Women’s Songfish Boat Shoe!

They were cool shoes, but they got stinky after my first summer teaching sailing. Not only that, but they stained so easily. They were really more for style over function and not meant to be worn by someone doing serious things on boats! After experimenting with a few more styles I found these Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent Relaxed PFG Boat Shoe. Great for both men and women (husband approved too!). They are waterproof and breathable. Lightweight and super comfortable! 

They are designed to facilitate airflow and water evacuation, two crucial components of a good pair of boat shoes! The Sperrys do neither of these. They just became a sloshy heavy mess, much like your college days’ drunk friend. 

Columbia uses their famous Blood ‘n Guts™ water and stain resistant treatment making these ideal for fishing!


Got gloves?

Here is one crucial accessory that many of us forget about when thinking about fishing… GLOVES! I get why one might need gloves for say ICE FISHING, but why any other time? 


Successful fishing greatly depends on the ability to work with you hands. Reeling in a big fish, removing hooks, setting bait. All while battling the slimy coat of the fish, sharp dorsal spines, gill plates and slippery sunscreen!

Gloves will enhance your performance while protecting your digits!

The cool thing about these gloves is that they are UPF 50+. The UV protection is woven into the fabric and therefore not applied with spray-on chemicals. Their long cuffs protect your wrists where the sleeves of your shirt won’t reach, reducing the chances of precancerous skin lesions and melanomas. They have ergonomic leather in the palm to gain better grip on the fishing rods, protecting your hands from blisters and calluses.

We also love the fingerless design! You won’t lose manoeuvrability and dexterity with these puppies on! Thankfully they are machine washable so your hands won’t start smelling like the fish your handling!

Oh and did we mention, they come in 4 great colorways! Check ’em out!

UPF 50 fisherman’s dream hat!

Who doesn’t love a good functional hat?? We recently came across this UPF 50 wide brim fishing hat with neck flap and it quickly became our new favorite for summer headwear. 

Coming in a whopping NINE colors, it has by far way more options than its competitors. It is made of polyester and dries quicker than a clam in the sun!

Mesh vents allow for a cooling airflow through the crown and back flap. The neck flap provides the extra coverage needed for a day out hooking fish. No more coming home looking like a lobster!

The adjustable and removable strap is ideal. We’ve all lost a hat when a buddy kicked the engine into top speed or when an unexpected gust came through. No need to worry about that any more! Or are you the type of person annoyed by chin straps? Well, now you have the option to remove it all together. 

The big selling factor for us is the fact that it is UPF 50. Get ultimate sun protection where you need it the most! Your face! Blocking 98%+ of damaging UVA/UVB sun rays, this hat is perfect for all outdoor activities!

So whether you are fishing, gardening, hiking, camping, hunting, boating, or just sitting at the beach, we got a hat for you! 


Get your kiddo fishing today with these top 3 setups!

This picture is the goal:

A young fisherwomen enthralled with a tackle box of treasure in front of her! Teaching the magic of fishing and instilling it into our children’s minds takes time, and proper planning to be successful. It is discouraging when nothing is caught, or you show up to a fishing spot only to discover that your new children’s rod didn’t come with its own line. We all have those horror stories! My first time fishing we were trailing the line off of our sailboat. Well… the line wasn’t attached to the spool and in no time disappeared behind us. That was the quick ending of my first fishing experience!

Thankfully, I gave it another chance after that disappointment!

Oh… and might I mention, that before we even got on the boat my mother shut the car window on my new fishing pole and snapped a foot of the rod right off! Therefore, I can speak from first hand experience that these telescopic rods are the way to go!

Check out our list of favorites and get your kid hooked on fishing ASAP!

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The ultimate fishing shirt made by Columbia!

Comfort, quick-dry, UPF 30, and max style points are all a part of this killer fishing shirt made by Columbia! 

Say hello to your new favorite shirt! (On and off the water!)

Columbia uses their signature UPF 30 fabric, which blocks UVA and UBA ray. This will help prevent sunburn and long-turn skin damage during long hours in the sun. What Go Fishing Magazine really loves about it, is the fact that it has adjustable features with buttons at arms to convert long sleeve to short sleeves for hotter days. It also has hidden vents at the shoulders! How brilliant is that!

This by far is our top-rated shirt!