Hut-to-hut hiking in Wells Gray Provincial Park — Writes of Passage

There’s a real roof over my head, a cushy mattress to sleep on, hearty food, and I carry only a light-weight pack. Our 7-day hut-to-hut hike in British Columbia’s Wells Gray Provincial Park can’t be described as luxurious, but it’s a welcome upgrade from our usual backpacking trips. Under the guidance of Wells Gray Adventures, […]

Hut-to-hut hiking in Wells Gray Provincial Park — Writes of Passage

Hiking in Halfway Lake Provincial Park — Wandering Canadians

Halfway Lake Provincial Park is located just north of Sudbury on the southern edge of the boreal forest. The landscape in the park has been shaped thousands of years ago by glaciers and today features valleys, eskers, moraines, and many ridges. Halfway Lake offers a variety of recreational activities including camping (both front country and backcountry), hiking, canoeing, swimming, and fishing.

Hiking in Halfway Lake Provincial Park — Wandering Canadians

I’m Singing and Hiking in the Rain! — Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

After 51 days straight without any measurable precipitation we finally had rain in Seattle, and I said bring it on! To celebrate this first rainy day of summer we went for a hike in the woods at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, with a smile on our face and a happy refrain! So for this week’s Sunday […]

I’m Singing and Hiking in the Rain! — Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

Scenes from a Hiking Trail — Micro of the Macro

Are you looking for a little family adventure while you’re not yet comfortable with a return to full-on traveling? Maybe finding a new trail to hike in Nature’s exquisite surroundings can satisfy that yearning while inspiring a little awe.  From prior posts, you know that I love hiking, and I thought it’d be fun to […]

Scenes from a Hiking Trail — Micro of the Macro

New Volunteer Opportunities

Donating money isn’t the only way to give to charitable organizations, many of whom rely on volunteers for various services. If you find yourself with free time on your hands on your weekend, or during the week, you could consider putting in some community service. Not only will you help a good cause, but it can also be a way to meet people and learn new skills.

Celebrate Microvolunteering Day

You want to get involved and give back to the community, but can’t fit another big commitment into your busy schedule? Then microvolunteering might just be the thing.

Microvolunteering is a small, bite-sized task or project, that is quick and easy to perform. Best of all there’s a range of things you could do online, in as little as 30 minutes. Donating processing time on your computer, signing an online petition, or promoting a charity on social media are all examples of microvolunteering that you could do today.