Support your local hiking community.

We need your help to continue to provide essential community services to people who hike.

We are a local organization that provides support and expertise within the local hiking community, to potential hikers, existing hikers, and organizations that involve hiking.

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Want to volunteer?

We’ve had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can to respond to everyone who wants to volunteer in one of our community programmes.

Are you a business?

We are uniting our resources around this challenge, and we are combining our resources and asks to make it easy for people to support their communities.

Hear more from our community.

Hiking in Halfway Lake Provincial Park — Wandering Canadians

Halfway Lake Provincial Park is located just north of Sudbury on the southern edge of the boreal forest. The landscape in the park has been shaped thousands of years ago by glaciers and today features valleys, eskers, moraines, and many ridges. Halfway Lake offers a variety of recreational activities including camping (both front country andContinue reading “Hiking in Halfway Lake Provincial Park — Wandering Canadians”

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